#give22 Hurricane Harvey Relief

Dear Friends,

In light of Hurricane Harvey and the tragedies that so many of our Texas families are currently enduring, Pat and I, and the team at Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities are committed to helping ease this pain and suffering.

We were immediately called upon by our partners at Dallas ISD this week, with an ask for help to support the children of this community, as we always have – made possible by your support, to help them with basic needs, uniforms, clothing, and more. We have started a campaign, #give22, personally funded with $22,000 from Pat and me. The money we raise together will support both JJ Watt's efforts in Houston and Dallas ISD's efforts to support the hundreds of children who have been displaced from Houston & surrounding areas. 

In turn, we are calling upon you, our friends and family and partners to consider joining forces with us to make the most impact we can for the thousands of men, women and children affected in both Houston, and the thousands of families already on their way to join our North Texas community. As we speak, children are going through intake with the team at DISD to join Kennedy Elementary School, Alex Spence Middle School and North Dallas High School.

We invite you to come together en masse and drive a campaign that could raise enough money to support both the major efforts in Houston, but also the new North Texas neighbors we have already begun to see arrive. 

Thank you,

Pat and Emmitt Smith