E Smith Realty Partners to Separate; Realty Company to Continue Under New Name


DALLAS — Emmitt J. Smith’s ESL Alternative Ventures LLC has withdrawn as a member of the Dallas-based realty company formerly known as E Smith Realty Partners LLC.

“Our success, steady growth and entry into new markets over the last four years have significantly strengthened our core businesses to the point where we can explore new opportunities created by a rapidly changing market,” said Emmitt Smith, chairman, president and chief executive officer of EJ Smith Enterprises LLC. “The decision to withdraw from E Smith Realty Partners (ESRP) was not made lightly; however, it allows for the formation of new ventures with distinct growth opportunities.”

Smith looks forward to new opportunities and anticipates making additional announcements in the near future. SMBL Capital LLC, the remaining member of the realty company, will continue to operate under a new name.