Building Bridges to Open Doors. That’s our motto at Emmitt Smith Enterprises. Whether literally building a bridge through our construction company or opening doors to underserved children via philanthropy, Emmitt Smith Enterprises (ESE) is about bringing people together and creating opportunity.

ESE is the umbrella company of a host of companies that is taking the Emmitt Smith brand from the playing field to the board room. The companies include:

  • EJ Smith Construction, which specializes in heavy highway development and commercial construction.
  • E Smith Legacy, a commercial real estate company.
  • Pat Smith Enterprises and Treasure You.
  • Also under the umbrella, is the marketing and management of the Emmitt Smith entertainment brand and the company’s philanthropic arm, Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities.

All these business units are united in their commitment to uncompromising integrity and bringing value to their customers.
President & CEO: Emmitt Smith







EJ Smith Construction is a Dallas-based Construction Manager and General Contractor with in-house self-perform concrete capabilities. The company specializes in commercial building construction (general contracting, structural concrete and site concrete), civil construction (heavy highways, light rail structural and flatwork) and staff augmentation.

Business Segments

  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Aviation
  • K-12 through University
  • Sports facilities
  • Public works
  • Civil Projects including Heavy Highway

The supply side of the company functions as a wholesale Distributor and regular dealer in construction related materials and equipment.
Tollway Plaza North
16000 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 550 North
Dallas, TX  75248
972-584-0525 (c)
469-718-3779 (f)
President & CEO: Eugene Walker, Jr.


ESmith Legacy, Inc. is a premier real estate development and asset management firm that brings together a team of professionals with the expertise and capacity to produce superior results.  With offices in Baltimore, Dallas, and Philadelphia, ESmith Legacy, Inc. is a 100% minority and woman-owned development firm that builds on years of combined development, finance, and management experience with a network of joint venture partners.

The Company is well-positioned to handle the most complex projects and our diverse backgrounds provide depth and vertical solutions to each and every opportunity we pursue.  Combining our collective experience in the fields of real estate development, master planning, asset disposition, banking and finance, law, real estate brokerage, franchise development and operations, the principals of ESmith Legacy, Inc. develop, build and own mixed-use commerical, industrial and residential projects working closely with public and private partners.


ESmith Legacy’s mission is to invest in and create value for urban marketplaces, by providing dynamic, diverse, competitive, vibrant commercial, industrial and residential solutions.


The company targets, develops and builds in urban markets which we believe are underserved to meet existing demand and spur additional growth.  Qualifying markets are characterized by:

  1. An existing critical mass and the potential for additional population growth;
  2. An identifiable consumer base with quantifiable spending power;
  3. Immediate access to human capital and a growing workforce;
  4. Aggressive economic development initiatives by local and state governments; and
  5. Accessible, available and economically viable property locations.

Tollway Plaza North
16000 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 550 North
Dallas, TX  75248
972-584-0525 (c)
469-718-3779 (f)

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman & CEO: Emmitt Smith
Co-Founder & Co-Chairman:
Jerry Johnson
Principal: Brian Morris
Principal: Vernon Marrow
Principal: David Mosely
Principal: Tamela Thornton
Principal: Sonya Weigle

Brand Marketing

The NFL’s all-time leading rusher, Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, three-time Super Bowl Champion, and, oh yes, one of the most popular champions in the history of Dancing with the Stars – these are just a few of the reasons why Emmitt Smith remains one of the most valuable personal brands in the sports-entertainment field.

Emmitt Smith Brand Marketing — in conjunction with marketing partner, Octagon — manage all business related to Emmitt Smith’ public image. From endorsements to speaking engagements to public relations opportunities, the brand marketing division is the place to contact if you want to find out how to put Emmitt Smith’s powerful marketing platforms to work for you.

Tollway Plaza North
16000 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 550 North
Dallas, TX  75248
972-584-0525 (c)
469-718-3779 (f)

President & CEO: Emmitt Smith
National & International Marketing Partner: 



Pat Smith Enterprises

Pat Smith Enterprises manages the many speaking and personal endorsement opportunities for Pat Smith as well as core platform, Treasure You™.

The creation of Treasure You™ is tied directly to Pat Smith’s love for the heart of women. Pat feels and experiences heartfelt connections as the unifier for women from varied backgrounds. Treasure You™ is a movement dedicated to building a community that supports, inspires and celebrates women in their journey to discover their self-worth. Experiencing a Treasure You™ retreat extends way beyond women telling their truths; women are given permission to feel their truths. Before, during and after the retreat, women begin to step out of their shadows.

The Treasure You™ brand provides an environment that is authentically warm, comfortable and safe. As women hearts open up, a popping effect takes place; a chain reaction of women bearing their souls is the magic.  

Tollway Plaza North
16000 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 550 North
Dallas, TX  75248
972-584-0525 (c)
469-718-3779 (f)

President & CEO: Pat Smith